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743Win32 clipboard and pasting unicode from other apps

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  • Beck, Zak
    Nov 14, 2002

      I think I know why gvim on Win32 breaks unicode cut/copy and pasting from
      other apps, but I don't know enough (yet) about the vim internals and
      especially multibyte to fix it.

      I used ClipSpy from http://home.inreach.com/mdunn/ and copied from a
      Japanese MS Word document to see exactly what was put on the clipboard. The
      text was put on the clipboard in two formats: CF_TEXT, which produced a
      series of '?' characters (0x3F), which was presumably because the japanese
      characters do not exist in ANSI. However, the correct text was put on the
      clipboard in the CF_UNICODETEXT format, which is presumably UTF-8.

      The problem is in os_mswin.c, the function clip_mch_request_selection (line
      755) only requests the CF_TEXT format from the clipboard. I would imagine
      the best way around this would be to modify this function so that it uses
      the CF_UNICODETEXT format in preference to the CF_TEXT format if set
      encoding is a multibyte format.

      My problems are:

      1. I don't know how to determine whether or not I want the CF_TEXT format or
      the CF_UNICODETEXT. Presumably I look at the value of encoding and determine
      it somehow from that? Is there a function to do this?

      2. I don't know what to do with the CF_UNICODETEXT once I've retrieved it
      from the clipboard! Will it need converting to another format? Possibly the
      code in that function will work as is, I don't know enough about the

      Anyway, if this helps anyone or if anyone can help me, please let me know!

      Zak Beck
      Accenture HR Services (formerly e-peopleserve)
      Learning Management Systems
      Tel: 01785 762750
      email: mailto:zak.beck@...

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