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700About vim UTF-8 support in Mac OSX

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  • ycchang
    Aug 18, 2002
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      As we know that Terminal.app (in Mac OS 10.1 ) is a UTF-8 aware terminal
      in default, and the multi-byte input method such as Chinese will output a
      character in
      the form of UTF-8 format in the terminal. My Question is that when I enable
      "set encoding=utf-8" option in vim 6.1, it seems that not all of the utf-8
      character does transform correctly to human-readable chinese character, that
      is to say, only part of the utf-8 characters are being transformed but the
      others doesn't . I use Terminal.app to telnet into another linux box, and do
      The samething , the "set encoding=utf-8" seems to work correctly! Is it a
      bug of vim in Mac os X ? Thanks.