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683RE: UTF8_STRING patch

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Aug 10, 2002
      Jason Maiorana wrote:

      > >For the conversion, look in mbyte.c. The functions convert_setup() and
      > >string_convert() should be able to do it.
      > one quick question: how do you determine which is the appropriate
      > encoding to pass to "clip_yank_selection".
      > It looks like the GDK functions all assume that the data is in the
      > format of the current locale: this is incorrect i think. I set
      > encoding=utf8 which does not match my en_US locale. I dont have
      > really working locales for utf8, if there was an "allLangs_USkbd.utf8"
      > locale i would use it.

      I dunno. You could try looking in the GTK documentation (but you
      probably end up looking in the source code...).

      > Converting COMPOUND_TEXT to my current locale would only corrupt it,
      > which probably explains why that never worked for me. Doesnt vim
      > have some notion of internal representation encoding? If vim were
      > to always use utf-8 internally in all situations, that would make
      > UTF8_STRING conversion a non-issue...

      The value of 'encoding' defines the encoding used internally in Vim for
      all text in buffers, registers, etc.

      "Hit any key to continue" it said, but nothing happened after F sharp.

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