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682RE: UTF8_STRING patch

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  • Maiorana, Jason
    Aug 9 8:55 AM
      >For the conversion, look in mbyte.c. The functions convert_setup() and
      >string_convert() should be able to do it.

      one quick question: how do you determine which is the appropriate
      encoding to pass to "clip_yank_selection".

      It looks like the GDK functions all assume that the data is in the
      of the current locale: this is incorrect i think. I set encoding=utf8
      which does not match my en_US locale. I dont have really working locales
      for utf8, if there was an "allLangs_USkbd.utf8" locale i would use it.

      Converting COMPOUND_TEXT to my current locale would only corrupt it,
      which probably explains why that never worked for me. Doesnt vim
      have some notion of internal representation encoding? If vim were
      to always use utf-8 internally in all situations, that would make
      UTF8_STRING conversion a non-issue...
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