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671windows and unicode filenames, etc.

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  • Glenn Maynard
    Aug 4, 2002
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      Just a quick update on other fixes:

      Editing files with Unicode in the filename that don't fit in the ANSI
      codepage doesn't work. Fixed, except for the browser, and except for
      renaming (since I don't really want to go near win32's mch_rename, but
      it does need fixing.)

      The IME didn't work when encoding=ucs2 (or other utf-8-but-not
      encodings.) Fixed: use ucs2_to_penc. This also does away with
      CONV_UCS2_TO_DBCS and CONV_DBCS_TO_UCS2 completely.

      Treat all Windows codepages as DBCS, since there's no difference between
      DBCS and SBCS in Windows (SBCS is just DBCS with no lead-bytes). We
      talked about this, and I've hit more problems due to enc_dbcs not being
      set when encoding is set to an SBCS CP.

      Non-ASCII in the titlebar is problematic. I know the problem and the fix,
      but I havn't done this yet.

      I've added getacp() for Windows, to get the active codepage; this allows
      people to use the enc=utf-8;fencs=ucs-bom,utf-8,cp####,latin1;fenc=cp####
      setup without having to hardcode their codepage (which most people
      probably don't know.) This setup seems to have the desired effect:
      utf-8 internally, current codepage as a higher-priority option for files
      than the ambiguous latin1, and the current codepage as the default flie

      I'll probably revert removing the broken Korean stuff and just comment out
      the call for now; I doubt it's needed, but it's not important.

      I won't throw these patches at you yet. Instead, I'll probably be compiling
      these, describing the patches and the problems they fix better, and making
      binaries available to make them more accessible and try to get some testing
      done. Due to the scope of these changes, I suspect you'll want to wait a
      while on this.

      Glenn Maynard
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