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661Re: mbyte.c patch

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  • Ron Aaron
    Jul 14, 2002
      Glenn Maynard <glenn@...> writes:
      >gui_w32 uses ETO_IGNORELANGUAGE in NT; the only doc I can find for this
      >flag says:
      >"Reserved for system use. If an application sets this flag, it loses
      >international scripting support and in some cases it may display no text
      >at all."
      >There's nothing to say why this flag was used, and it's not used
      >consistently. Does anyone know?

      Yes. If the ETO_IGNORELANGUAGE flag is set on NT (2K, XP, etc) then we tell
      the OS not to be "helpful" when outputting characters which are in Hebrew or
      Arabic fonts. Without this flag, vim displays Hebrew and Arabic incorrectly
      on the new NT systems. This is because of the helpful, helpful "Uniscribe"
      APIs, which "do what you mean" according to MS.

      Setting this flag for the '9x series of Windows (95, 98, Me) doesn't work and
      indeed inhibits displaying multilanguage documents correctly.

      So there is a different, much more painful, code path for the 9x series vs.
      the NT series.

      Hope this helps,
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