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655mbyte.c patch

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  • Glenn Maynard
    Jul 13, 2002
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      Attached is a mostly cosmetic patch to mbyte.c. None of this affects
      the clipboard patch, so I've separated it out.

      Clarify comments. "Ignores following composing characters" was
      somewhat confusing; I read that as "skips them without doing anything
      with them". UTF-8 is by definition a string; functions that take an
      int are taking a UCS character.

      CONV_DBCS and CONV_CODEPAGE are actually opposites of each other; make
      exactly what they do clear by naming them CONV_UCS2_TO_DBCS and
      CONV_DBCS_TO_UCS2, respectively, and make the latter use the dbcs value
      to make it consistent.

      Separate CP_UTF8 fallback definition.

      Add a note that CP_UTF8 is NT-specific. (It's only used for the IME in
      NT right now, so it's fine; this is just to keep people from using it
      for other things.)

      Glenn Maynard
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