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644Re: Bug report and IME suggestions

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jun 4, 2002
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      Glenn Maynard wrote:

      > wcwidth() thinks U+25CF is single-width, but it's double-width in the
      > Windows fonts. This is a fairly common bug; it happens with Unicode
      > open- and close-quotes in Japanese fonts, too.
      > PuTTY works around this by always honoring wcwidth(); if a character in
      > the font is double-width, but wcwidth(n)==1, it renders the character
      > half-width. This fixes the desynch, but doesn't fix Unicode quotes
      > properly, as they don't look reasonable when rendered half-width. I'm
      > working on code to specifically render the right half of characters for
      > a predefined set (in certain fonts), as well as to make a fake backslash
      > in Japanese fonts by flipping the forward slash. It's functional, but
      > currently too slow.
      > Bram, if I can get this fix optimized and solid in PuTTY, would you
      > consider a similar fix for win32 Vim? Some kind of workaround for
      > mismatched widths is needed, and a specific workaround for Unicode quotes
      > and the Japanese backslash/yen problem is extremely useful.

      It would be good to avoid the display to be messed up. If just this one
      character isn't displayed correctly that's not much of a problem (leave
      out half of the pixel columns or just show one half?).

      > I've pointed this out many times. Bram, this is a serious problem. I
      > also spent a *long* time fixing this. iminsert and imsearch should
      > default to 0 on Windows, at least when using Win2K/XP's IME. I'm not
      > sure about other architectures; is there any reason not to make them
      > simply default to 0?

      Well, the Asian people made it work this way for a reason. Perhaps we
      should let it depend on the locale being used on the system? When using
      some latin encoding, it doesn't make sense to start IME. On the other
      hand, when using Unicode it won't be possible to guess what to do.

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