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643Re: Bug report and IME suggestions

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jun 4, 2002
      Alexandre Elias wrote:

      > 1) The character with Unicode value 0x25cf (a large filled circle) is
      > the length of 2 latin letters, but vim seems to treat it as though it
      > were only 1 latin letter long. This leads to annoying graphical
      > glitches. I'm not sure if this is the same bug you were talking about
      > with mb_off2cell(), but I thought I would point it out anyway.

      This sounds like a font problem. I don't find a remark in the Unicode
      list for character 0x25CF to be double width.

      > 2) There should be a "clipboardencoding" option that determines in what
      > encoding text copied to the Windows clipboard is. Always using Unicode
      > is all very nice in theory, but it's no good for those of us whose other
      > apps want SJIS or another legacy format. I think there is definitely a
      > need for this feature.
      > Also, it really needs to be a separate variable: using the value of
      > "termencoding" is no good. My "termencoding" needs to be latin1,
      > because I also use vim to input French accented characters, and that
      > won't work with any other encoding. Also, if I set my "termencoding" to
      > SJIS, weird stuff happens like my tilde key producing a square and my
      > backslash key producing a yen symbol.

      This has been discussed, and the conclusion was a bit too complicated to
      explain here. Ron Aaron sent a patch to the vim-dev list for this May 6.

      > These two problems are with the IME support:
      > 3) vim with GIME support defaults to having the IME turned on in insert
      > mode. This was very annoying for me, because most of the time I edit
      > English. I searched several hours for a feature allowing me to set it
      > off by default. It turns out the "iminsert" feature was exactly what I
      > wanted, but I only found it when I went into the source code to hack in
      > a different default myself :(.
      > I think "iminsert" should be displayed much more prominently in the
      > multibyte documentation. Also, I think there are strong arguments why
      > iminsert should be 0 (off) by default. When you decide to include IME
      > support as a feature of vim as shipped by default, it will baffle people
      > to have vim automagically switch to a CJK language without their having
      > done anything *at all* to request it. Just because I have an IME
      > installed doesn't mean I want to use it most or even some of the time.
      > Having an IME installed shouldn't cause such radical changes in the
      > default behavior of vim.

      Isn't it so that most IMEs allow you to type English by default?

      I notice that when you do ":help IME" you don't find 'iminsert'. You
      probably didn't get the idea to read the introduction in this file...
      I'll copy the remark from the start of the file to here.

      > 4) I have some gripes with the way the enabled/disabled status of the
      > IME is remembered by vim. There is no reason to ever want to enable the
      > IME in normal or visual mode. But I have frequently enabled the IME in
      > normal mode by mistake, only to change it back when I ineffectually type
      > a few commands and realize my error.

      This probably depends on what you are doing. You could map characters
      entered with IME to something useful.

      > Here is what I think would be the best behavior:
      > - The cursor color should always reflect the value of "iminsert", even
      > when in normal mode. Right now in normal mode the cursor always
      > reverts to IME-disabled color, and I can forget whether I had it
      > enabled or not.

      Sounds like a good idea to use the color to indicate whether IME is
      enabled (not using 'iminsert'). But do we really always know when IME
      is on?

      > - When I enable the IME in normal or visual mode, vim "swallows" it and
      > keeps it disabled. But, it toggles the color of the cursor and also
      > toggles iminsert, so that the next time I go into insert mode the IME
      > status is changed.

      I don't understand this. You just said the cursor color doesn't
      changed, and now it does?

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