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619Re: Can't convert this file encoding...

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  • Ron Aaron
    Apr 6, 2002
      Valery Kondakoff <strauss@...> writes:
      >Hello, VIM-gurus!

      Hello, Valery.

      >I have a multibyte-related question. Is this the right place to ask
      >such kind of questions?

      Indeed it is!

      >There it is:
      >On certain files, after trying to perform file encoding conversion (:e
      >++enc=cp866, for example), I receive "Not converted" error, and the
      >file remains in wrong encoding. (VIM 6.1, iconv.dll - 423.640,
      >09.03.01 04:49, WinXP)
      >Can anyone explain me what's wrong there? If there are ways to _force_
      >file encoding conversion?

      You are doing things correctly, but it appears you have a defective iconv.dll.
      You should download mine:


      which should be the libiconv Try and see if it fixes your problem;
      for me, trying on Windows Me, it worked fine with your example file.

      Best regards,

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