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613Re: XIM problem in gvim 6.x

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 14, 2002
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      Yuheng Xie wrote:

      > In gvim 6.x (till 6.1b), when switch to insert mode the second time,
      > XIM cannot be evoked.
      > For example, the first time I press "i" and come to insert mode, I could
      > press "Ctrl+Space" to evoke my XIM and input Chinese. Then I press "Esc"
      > and press "i" again, from now on, "Ctrl+Space" will input a space instead
      > of calling out the XIM.
      > Vim in RXVT, gvim for win32, gvim 5.8 and other XWindow programs
      > don't have this problem.

      I don't know what causes this problem. I'll forward the message to the
      vim-multibyte list.

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