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604Re: ATOK X (XIM) doesn't work with Vim 6.0

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  • Takuhiro Nishioka
    Jan 9, 2002

      >I can use XIM in my own environment, and it works OK here. I can't use
      >the environment you mention.
      >Hopefully you or someone else can track down this problem and suggest a
      >good solution. First thing to do is to find out if it's really Vim that
      >is the problem, or perhaps the XIM or something else.

      I'm exchanging some Japanese e-mails with Matsumoto-san
      (mattn_jp@...) about this. I'm not sure that Vim is the problem.
      Matsumoto-san said kinput2 version 2 works well. kinput2 version 3 with some
      modification doesn't work well.

      Takuhiro Nishioka mailto:takuhiro@...
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