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602Re: ATOK X (XIM) doesn't work with Vim 6.0

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  • Takuhiro Nishioka
    Jan 8, 2002

      >> ATOK X (XIM) doesn't work with Vim 6.0 on Linux. With Vim 5.8, it works
      >> well.
      >Well, I have no idea what causes this or how to fix it. Hopefully you
      >or someone else can provide additional information.

      OS: Turbo Linux 6.1
      IM server: kinput2x
      Conversion server: atok12x
      Vim version: Vim 6.0.11


      Vim hangs up when using fFtT command with XIM.

      [how to reproduce the bug]

      1. compile Vim with these options:
      --enable-multibyte --enable-fontset --enable-xim --with-x
      2. options value that related with XIM
      iminsert = 0
      imsearch = 0
      3. start gvim.
      4. enter insert mode.
      5. turn on XIM pressing <S-Space>.
      6. go back to normal mode pressing <Esc>.
      7. press f to find a character.
      8. enter a character to search forward.

      Takuhiro Nishioka mailto:takuhiro@...
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