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586Re: Problems converting to utf-8

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  • Francis S.Lin
    Nov 28, 2001
      * Ron Aaron <raaron@...> [011114 02:22]:
      > Do you have the 'iconv.dll'? Or are you using the internal Windows
      > functions?
      > FWIW, you can get the latest iconv.dll (compiled by me, version
      > here:
      > http://www.mossbayeng.com/~ron/iconv.dll
      > It's 600K.
      The official Win32 self-installer build
      is compiled with +iconv/dyn.
      I think that requires an external iconv.dll, but no any iconv.dll is
      provided inside the installer.
      Without this DLL, we cannot do any encoding conversion...

      Why isn't an iconv.dll included? Maybe we should put one or tell
      users where to find the iconv.dll in the documents (eval.txt?).

      piaip, Francis.S.Lin
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