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361Re: Switching XIM on and off

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 8, 2001
      Sung-Hyun Nam wrote:

      > > > Unix :
      > > [...]
      > > > I believe VIM cannot set 'Native language' or 'English' Mode.
      > > > VIM only can do 'enable' or 'disable' XIM. and user set language
      > > > mode manually. Well, in my case, when XIM enabled, it enters to
      > > > previous language mode. But, I think it's not the same
      > > > situation in Windows (Origin and English mode).
      > >
      > > When the XIM is disabled, this means you can type English, right?
      > > Thus isn't switching the XIM on/off nearly equal to switching between
      > > English and language mode?
      > When the XIM is disabled, VIM got a character from the X(?).
      > When the XIM is enabled, user can select language mode.
      > And XIM handle user input and send a character to VIM both english
      > character or native language.
      > Because english character does not need to compose, XIM send the
      > character immediately.

      Let's use an example: You are inserting Korean characters, thus XIM is set to
      your language mode. Then you hit <Esc> and you want to type some Normal mode
      command, like "j". Currently, the user has to first switch the XIM mode to
      English, right? That is an extra action the user has to do.

      My idea was that when Vim switches from Insert mode to Normal mode, the XIM
      would be disabled, thus the typed characters are obtained directly, and you
      don't need to switch language mode in the XIM. When you enter Insert mode
      again, the XIM would be enabled and you are back in your language mode

      Thus the idea is to avoid the need to have the user manually switch his XIM
      between English and language mode.

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