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352Re: Switching XIM on and off

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  • Nam SungHyun
    Mar 5 5:03 PM
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      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > In Vim 6.0w the ":lmap" or language maps are used in Insert mode and other
      > places where text is typed. For example when entering a search string.
      > For the Win32 IME there is code to automatically switch the input method
      > between English mode and Origin mode. I wonder why that isn't done for XIM.
      > Should we automatically enable XIM in Insert mode and disable it in Normal
      > mode? That sounds logical, since Vim commands are English letters.

      You mean 'xim_set_focus()' in multibyte.c?
      XIM is enabled in Insert mode and disabled in Normal mode.

      But, to allow 'f' or 'F' (and 't' 'T' ...) with multibyte,
      I made gvim always connect to XIM if input_style is OverTheSpot.
      only OverTheSpot. gvim only enable the XIM in insert mode if the
      input_method is not OverTheSpot.

      I'd never used 'f' with multibyte. For consistency, it may good to
      remove the input_style check codes in xim_set_focus().

      While in insert mode (XIM on), I (Korean) can switch english and origin mode
      using Shift-Space or Han/Eng key. Han/Eng key is a key that selects input
      language (toggle). But many people use Shift-Space, it's easy than using
      Han/Eng key. Windows also support Shift-Space (with Han/Eng key).

      > The CTRL-^ command that is used to switch the ":lmap" language maps
      > on/off is remembered for Insert mode. Thus if you exit Insert mode
      > with <Esc> and start it again with "i", then the last state of using
      > the language maps is restored. That could be used for XIM too
      > (although I don't know how to obtain the current on/off state of the
      > XIM).

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