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351Switching XIM on and off

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 5, 2001
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      In Vim 6.0w the ":lmap" or language maps are used in Insert mode and other
      places where text is typed. For example when entering a search string.

      For the Win32 IME there is code to automatically switch the input method
      between English mode and Origin mode. I wonder why that isn't done for XIM.

      Should we automatically enable XIM in Insert mode and disable it in Normal
      mode? That sounds logical, since Vim commands are English letters.

      The CTRL-^ command that is used to switch the ":lmap" language maps on/off
      is remembered for Insert mode. Thus if you exit Insert mode with <Esc> and
      start it again with "i", then the last state of using the language maps is
      restored. That could be used for XIM too (although I don't know how to obtain
      the current on/off state of the XIM).

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