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346[vim-multibyte] Re: aliases for encoding names

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 15, 2001
      Takuhiro Nishioka wrote:

      > Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > > In the new Vim 6.0v I have added a list of aliases for encoding names.
      > > Some of these have been guessed, several are probably missing. Please check
      > > this list. It is in the file multibyte.c, search for "encoding names".
      > For Japanese, there are "eucjp" and "shift-jis". I think
      > it is more reasonable to use the precise charset name:
      > "euc-jp" and "shift_jis" or to add those name as alias.

      OK. I'm currently using "cp932" for MS-Windows, which is very close to
      shift-jis. For Unix euc-jp, aliases "unix-jis" and "ujis". I guess the
      MS-Windows "cp932" or "shift-jis" will also work.

      > > One specific item is for Chinese (not for Taiwan).
      > > Currently these names are used:
      > >
      > > for Windows: "cp936", with aliases "prc" and "chinese".
      > > For Unix: "chinese", with aliases "prc" and 'cp936".
      > >
      > > Are "chinese" and "cp936" really the same?
      > >
      > > Is "chinese" on Unix the best name, it looks quite generic to me. It could
      > > easily be confused with traditional chinese, as use in Taiwan. Is there a
      > > better name?
      > I don't know what "cp936" is. Where can I found the definition?

      This is the MS-Windows codepage used for chinese.

      > I don't know well but I thought that "gb2312" is equal to
      > "euc-cn". And those are common in PRC.

      OK, I'll use "euc-cn" instead of chinese, since that is more specific. Then
      "chinese", "prc" and "euccn" can be aliases for "euc-cn".

      The remaining question is whether "euc-cn" and "cp949" are similar enough to
      make them an alias. And when not, if "cp949" can be used on Unix anyway.

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