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343aliases for encoding names

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 13, 2001
      In the new Vim 6.0v I have added a list of aliases for encoding names.
      Some of these have been guessed, several are probably missing. Please check
      this list. It is in the file multibyte.c, search for "encoding names".

      One specific item is for Chinese (not for Taiwan).
      Currently these names are used:

      for Windows: "cp936", with aliases "prc" and "chinese".
      For Unix: "chinese", with aliases "prc" and 'cp936".

      Are "chinese" and "cp936" really the same?

      Is "chinese" on Unix the best name, it looks quite generic to me. It could
      easily be confused with traditional chinese, as use in Taiwan. Is there a
      better name?

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