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342Re: vim-6.0t: patch for Cygwin of Japanese Windows

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jan 24, 2001
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      Yasushi Higuchi wrote:

      > Though my thought was silly, we seem to have a problem to think about still
      > in relation to this.
      > Many Japanese Unix users are using 'LANG=ja_JP.eucJP'.
      > When those users do telnet to Cygwin, vim fixed on shift-jis is inconvenient.
      > It thinks that the structure which the movement of vim changes how to
      > indicate it to dynamically is necessary in accordance with LANG.
      > Therefore, it may be dangerous that merge does my patch right now.
      > I don't hit upon the good idea to solve this right now.
      > Won't you ignore the patch until the better way of solving it is found?

      The idea is that 'charcode' is set to the encoding of the terminal you are
      using. There is no translation or conversion when sending the text to the
      display. The encoding of what the user types would be the same too.

      If you do a telnet, you use the terminal you started it in, right? That would
      mean the use of "cp932" or "euc_jp" depends on which terminal is being used and
      shouldn't be compile time choice but a runtime one.

      I can change this, but it will be work. I first need to know if this is
      really the right solution.

      By the way, don't the "euc-kr" and "euc-tw" have similar problems?

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