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331hi (filecharcode UTF-8 question)

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  • Martin Norbäck
    Nov 28, 2000
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      I am new to this list. I just discovered the fabulous filecharcode
      feature of vim 6.

      I would love to bugtest, and patch vim, especially the UTF-8 features.

      I have question as well :)

      I am into translating .po-files, and some of them are in iso-8859-1
      format and others are in UTF-8 format.

      To know which format they are in, you have to look through them, but
      setting the filecharcode option only affects reading and writing, and by
      the time I know the charcode, the file has already been read.

      Is there a smooth way to fix this (apart from rereading the file?)

      Setting filecharcodes=utf-8,latin-1 works partly, but I want to use
      utf-8 even if the .po-file is not correct UTF-8, if the charset header
      of the file says it is UTF-8.


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