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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Nov 13, 2000
      Last Thursday I have done a presentation at the NLUUG conference in Ede,
      Holland. About two hundred people attended and hopefully enjoyed it.
      The title of the presentation is:

      Seven habits of effective text editing

      For those who are interested, the paper and presentation slides (with notes)
      of the presentation I did are available on my web site:


      The paper is small and available as plain text, MS-Word, PostScript and PDF.
      The presentation was made in PowerPoint format, also available as PostScript
      and PDF. Thanks to Yochai Meromi for generating the PDF files.

      You probably want to get both the paper and the presentation, because the
      paper contains better text and the presentation has a few nice pictures.

      hundred-and-one symptoms of being an internet addict:
      102. When filling out your driver's license application, you give
      your IP address.

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