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2718RE: Trouble getting started with vim and utf-8 file

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  • John Beckett
    Apr 8, 2011
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      DanKegel wrote:
      > The file http://winetricks.org/winetricks is, I hope, a utf-8
      > file, but is not recognized as such in the vim that comes
      > with ubuntu 11.04 (with german locale, even).

      It looks like you created that file, so you need to fix it
      because it is not UTF-8.

      Downloading the file with wget and dumping the bytes shows that
      the character which I have shown as "?" in the following is not
      valid UTF-8:
      title="?Torrent 3.0" \

      That single byte is hex B5 or binary 10110101. That starts with
      "10" which is never valid as the first byte of a character in

      BTW you can find that in Vim by opening the file and typing 8g8
      which jumps to the next illegal byte sequence, then typing ga to
      show the value.


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