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2701RE: to or till (f or t) a non-ascii character

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  • John Beckett
    Sep 21, 2010
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      Ramana Kumar wrote:
      > to or till (f or t) a non-ascii character

      This mailing list has almost no traffic. While in principle it
      is the correct one for your question, in practice you should
      send a new message to vim_use (don't bother mentioning that you
      posted here; just send a new message).

      > Or what about yanking/putting text between the main buffer and
      > the command buffer?

      I can comment on this. If you yank some text (e.g. yiw), you can
      paste it into the command line by pressing Ctrl-R then " (a
      double quote for the unnamed register, see ':help registers').


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