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2700to or till (f or t) a non-ascii character

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  • Ramana Kumar
    Sep 20, 2010
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      I have set up some abbreviations to turn certain ASCII strings into
      appropriate Unicode counterparts, for example from '==>' to '=>'. This works

      One problem, however, is when I now have a Unicode character sitting in my
      buffer, I can't jump to it easily using the insert-mode 't' and 'f'
      commands. Is there any way I could do this? The best for me would be if I
      could do a 't=' and have it count occurrences of '=>' among the things to
      jump to, since I originally typed '=' to get that character.

      A related but different issue is getting those characters into the command
      line buffer, for example if I want to search for a a string containing
      Unicode characters. My abbreviations won't work in that buffer... is there a
      way to get them to work? Or what about yanking/putting text between the main
      buffer and the command buffer?

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