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2681wrong handling Chinese quote character

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  • moo moo
    Apr 13, 2010
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      Chinese quote “ and many other characters
      let's say "[a]" is the cursor on character "a"
      for line:
      -> [a]bc“1”
      -> a[b]c“1”
      -> ab[c]“1”
      -> abc[“]1”
      -> abc[“]1” <- this is wrong, the cursor should move onto "1" already
      -> abc“[1]” <- now here we are on "1"

      “ is actually 1 character, vim somehow treat it as 2 characters

      terminal: mintty
      os: cygwin or gentoo linux
      vim encoding=utf-8 (reproduced with GBK too)
      vim fileencoding=utf-8 (reproduced with GBK too)

      utf-8 code of the quote
      $ echo -n “ | xxd
      0000000: e280 9c ...
      utf-8 code of the testing text
      $ echo -n abc“1” | xxd
      0000000: 6162 63e2 809c 31e2 809d abc...1...

      and btw, when i start "v" into visual mode after the "wrongly handled"
      character, some character is redrawn partly in the line, it's redrawn
      in wrong column (x position). i think that's the same problem. we'll
      discuss that later if it's still reproduced after this bug is fixed

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