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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Apr 11, 2010
      On 11/04/10 16:33, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > It's weird that digraphs are defined for an area that doesn't have
      > characters assigned to it. I wonder what happened here. Perhaps this
      > changed at some point in time? If we know the reason we may want to
      > drop all the dibgraphs for 0xexxx.

      My guess is that when that RFC was drafted in 1992, some of the charsets
      they wanted to list used a few characters which, at that time, weren't
      clearly assigned to one Unicode codepoint, and that the RFC authors
      arbitrarily (and maybe temporarily) placed these characters in a
      "private use area", which is the only place where "characters not yet
      assigned a Unicode codepoint" may go. This is only a guess, however. I'm
      not sure how many people are reading this (extremely low-volume) ML, but
      maybe someone knows the history of those mnemonics from RFC 1345 better
      than you and I do? If someone with that knowledge is reading this,
      please speak up.

      IMHO it makes no sense to have digraphs in Vim for "private use"
      characters. I propose to drop any of them that cannot be usefully
      reassigned to some "official" Unicode codepoint elsewhere. E000 to E028
      means forty-one codepoints, it ought not to be a big problem.

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