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264Free ICCF donations

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jun 3, 2000
      Vim is charityware. This means that I ask users of Vim to donate money to
      help orphans in Uganda. Many people have done that, and there are a few Vim
      users who have financially adopted a child. This helps the Ugandan children a
      lot. Thanks to all who helped!

      Still, there are people who can't afford a donation, or have another reason
      why didn't didn't donate yet. For these people I have set up a page where you
      can make a donation without paying anything!

      How does this work? Many advertisers pay a small amount when you click on a
      banner, to indicate you have seen it. Others give a percentage of the sales
      generated from a click-through. I have collected a number of these items


      There are links to information, search engines, books and music shops, etc.
      I have checked that the links are useful or interesting, there is no junk
      banner or porno site.

      Please click around and make some money for the children in Uganda. There are
      a few search engines, you might want to bookmark the page and use it when you
      are searching for something.

      If you think clicking on banners is a waste of time, consider donating
      directly. You can find info here:


      A M00se once bit my sister ...
      "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" PYTHON (MONTY) PICTURES LTD

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