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2628Re: BOM in QuickFix window

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jul 8, 2009
      On 08/07/09 22:48, Aleksey wrote:
      > Hi.
      > I'm using few MONO apps (Nemerle compiler and COCO/R parser generator)
      > through compiler plugins in VIM under Linux, and the problem is that
      > they produce output starting with FEFF.
      > I had this problem about a half a year ago and being (and staying) a
      > newbie, thought that the problem was with *errorformat* but didn't
      > cope defining it correctly - not sure if it is possible.
      > I found workaround, setting LANG=en_US in compiler call command.
      > I have encoding and termencoding set to 'utf-8' and locale is
      > 'en_US.utf8'.
      > Is there a better way to solve this problem?
      > Thanks

      Make sure your 'fileencodings' option (plural) starts with "ucs-bom". In
      that case, for editfiles at least (not sure about quickfix error files),
      Vim will recognise the Unicode codepoint U+FEFF (known as the BOM for
      Byte Order Mark though actually it's more than that) when it happens at
      the very start of a file, and set 'fileencoding' (singular) and 'bomb'
      accordingly for that file, as follows:

      Lead bytes (hex) 'fileencoding' 'bomb'
      EF BB BF utf-8 bomb
      00 00 FE FF ucs-4 bomb
      FF FE 00 00 ucs-4le bomb
      FE FF utf-16 bomb
      FF FE utf-16le bomb
      anything else not yet known nobomb

      As you can see, the BOM allows us to identify all Unicode encodings
      (endianness included, but treating UCS-2 as a particular case of UTF-16,
      which it is) assuming that no little-endian UTF-16 file will ever start
      with a NULL codepoint, which I think is a reasonable assumption. ("Not
      yet known" in the table above means "try the next entry in

      If, after trying it, you find that it doesn't work for the quickfix
      errorfile, come back to report it, and in that case maybe Bram will pass
      by and add it to his TODO list. But even if he does, don't set your
      hopes too high: it's a very long list, see |todo.txt| in the Vim help
      (the file is currently 4705 lines long as of 2 July 2009, but I didn't
      count how many todo items (which should be fewer ;-) ) are in it.

      IIUC, even if 'fileencodings' doesn't work for quickfix error files,
      setting LC_MESSAGES should be enough (LANG is used as a default for any
      LC_<something> which is unset, or LC_ALL if present overrides any other
      LC_* even if present). Maybe even just using ":language messages en-US"
      or ":lang mess C" near the top of your vimrc could be enough.

      Best regards,
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