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2603Re: Suggestion: Redefine \Uxxxxx in double-quoted strings

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Apr 6, 2009
      On 06/04/09 22:18, Kenneth Reid Beesley wrote:
      > In MacVim, at least, supplementary code point values can appear
      > usefully in<Char-> in keymap files.
      > Entries like the following appear in my deseret-sampa_utf-8.vim keymap
      > file. It all works great.

      In keymap files, it seems to work on Linux too (I use it in my owncoded
      "phonetic" keymaps for Arabic and Russian); but I was talking of
      double-quoted strings.

      These Arabic and Russian keymaps aren't above U+FFFF but anywhere above
      0x7F the <Char- > notation gives me problems inside double-quoted
      strings. I believe this is related to the documented fact that "\xnn"
      doesn't give valid UTF-8 values above 0x7F -- use "\u00nn" instead.

      Best regards,
      If God is perfect, why did He create discontinuous functions?

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