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2598Re: Unable to display Hebrew correctly on Mac OS/X

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  • björn
    Mar 24, 2009
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      2009/3/24 Tony Mechelynck:
      > On 24/03/09 13:17, Ron Aaron wrote:
      >> Hi, Björn -
      >> I'm using the latest vim - 7.2.148, with some additional patches of my
      >> own.  Is the "MacVim" base totally separate from the main vim?
      > IIUC, the MacVim base is basically the main Vim base, with some
      > Mac-specific patches which never made it into Bram's sources. However
      > some of the Mac people might expain it better than I can.

      Yes, MacVim works just like any other GUI port in that it hooks into
      the various gui_mch_*() calls. The big difference is that MacVim
      spawns one Vim process for each GUI-window and uses another process
      (MacVim) to coordinate everything in order to be able to support
      multiple GUI-windows. More details concerning the source code can be
      found in src/MacVim/README. Note that there are some modifications to
      the Vim codebase in the MacVim repo but these are intentionally few --
      the bulk of the MacVim specific code resides in src/MacVim.


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