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2594Re: Unable to display Hebrew correctly on Mac OS/X

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  • Ron Aaron
    Mar 24, 2009
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      On Mar 24, 1:44 pm, Tony Mechelynck <antoine.mechely...@...>
      > Vim doesn't display true-bidi. With a "normal" (non-bidi) terminal, or
      > in the GUI, you'll see the contents of each window displayed either all
      > RTL or all LTR depending on the setting of the window-local 'rightleft'
      > setting. This means that in mixed text you'll either see Latin script
      > the right way and Hebrew script reversed, or the opposite -- your
      > choice, and you can even have two windows with opposite directionality
      > on a single file. I thought you knew all this.

      Em, yes, I'm well aware of all this, I've been using vim with bidi
      text for many years now.

      Again: I am using GUI vim, not Console vim. The 'termbidi' option
      doesn't apply.

      The problem seems to be related to the ATSUI renderer, at least there
      are some hints in 'gui_mac.c' that indicate this might be true. It
      may be a good thing to set "kATSULineDirectionTag" so the drawing
      occurs correctly, but I don't know enough about Mac GUI to know what
      to do exactly.

      If noone else chimes in with helpful information, I'll try to fix it

      > If you are using Console Vim in a true-bidi terminal, you should ":set
      > norightleft termbidi" to tell Vim that the terminal is in charge of
      > bidirectionality. Or at least when editing Arabic; I'm not sure how this
      > option applies to Hebrew. I'm also not sure how the display of the text
      > cursor is affected by this option.
      > Best regards,
      > Tony.
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      > "What is the robbing of a bank compared to the FOUNDING of a bank?"
      >                 -- Bertold Brecht
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