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2581Combining diacritical marks display as separate character

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  • Sven Siegmund
    Mar 12, 2009
      Hello, I have just installed gVim 7.2 on Windows XP SP3 and have set
      utf-8 as the default encoding and a good unicode monospace font
      (DejaVu Sans Mono) as the guifont.

      gVim 7.2 has problems rendering combining diacritical marks on
      characters for which there is no dedicated unicode codepoint
      containing them with that diacritics. I can imagine why that is.

      When I try to type "n" and then the U+0302 combing circumflex "^" I
      get "n^" displayed instead of "n̂" (n with a circumflex on it). I can
      imagine why this happens: "n" with a combining "^" are technically two
      characters, two unicode codepoints. Its just OpenType features and the
      font renderer of the OS (in Windows it is Uniscribe) which don't let
      them display adjacently but overlap them.

      gVim does not use Uniscribe for rendering the font displayed. It is
      more low-level. It has very rigid rules to display a given number of
      characters/code-points per line and sticks to it. Hence it is forced
      to display "n" with combined "^" as two separate characters.

      But then I wonder how can you use gVim to write scripts where such
      combining of unicode-codepoints or reordering of letters (like in the
      devanagari script) or LRT-RTL changes happen. Is there a solution?

      Thanks for your answers.
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