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  • Mansing
    Dec 23, 2008
      Thank Tony for the explanation and confirmation of Unicode printing issue.  I was using exacting the same technique (convert txt to html first) to get Chinese print out.  But my browser doesn't echo formfeed (ctrl-L) correctly.  So my 'hardcopy' (actually a pdf file via cutepdf/ghostscript combo) came out with wrong page breaks.  I am now having two options: Correct Chinese but wrong page break (via html), or the other way round (with :hardcopy).  Oops, and the third one: Correct Chinese and page bread but no syntax highlighting (via Notepad).

      Seasons greetings!
      mt 081224

      Tony Mechelynck wrote:
      On 23/12/08 08:53, msingtse@... wrote:
      . . .
      I think there must be a way to print Chinese without calling for
      Notepad?  Plus, I cannot use notepad this time because I need syntax
      highlighting in the hardcopy.
      Basically, there are two different printer backends against which Vim 
      can be compiled: you can have Windows printing or postscript printing, 
      but not both. . .

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