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2547Re: Pan-unicode font for gvim on windows?

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  • zod
    Nov 14, 2008
      For the record, these are the fonts that I have found that correctly
      display both simplified Chinese and latin script in gvim:

      NSimSun (latin looks awful)
      MingLiU (latin looks awful)
      LiSu (a big improvement)
      SimSun - Founder Extended (the spacing in latin is a little odd)
      YouYuan (probably the best latin)
      GulimChe (decent)
      GungShuChe (ok, not great)
      BatangChe (not so good)

      LiSu and YouYuan are the winners. They have much more readable latin
      scripts than NSimSun or MingLiU. You can find all of those fonts on
      the internets tubes (eMule, etc).

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