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2545Re: Pan-unicode font for gvim on windows?

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  • Mansing
    Nov 13, 2008
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      Don't waste time trying MingLiU... I just find out that the NSimSun which zod mentioned has better looking Latin scripts.  That is, the MingLiU which I think decent is uglier than NSimSun which zod considered ugliest :-(

      Mansing wrote:
      I use MingLiU which displays both traditional and simplified Chinese, as
      well as Latin alphabets.  The Latin display is not the prettiest but
      decent :-)
      zod wrote:
      I'd like to use a unicode font that includes both simplified Chinese
      and latin. The only font that I have found that does this in gvim on
      Windows is NSimSun. And that has the ugliest latin of all time.  So
      what are the other fonts that will display both in gvim?
      . . .

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