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2541Re: Real displayed width of a character

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Oct 24, 2008
      On 25/10/08 01:40, Mansing wrote:
      > Wow! For ages, I knew not to ask this question. Now with
      > :set ambiwidth=double
      > my Chinese /open/ quotation mark ( “ code=0x201c ) is displayed
      > correctly --without colliding with the next character. Strange that,
      > the /close/ quotation mark ( ” code=0x201d ) has always been displayed
      > well regardless of the ambiwidth setting?!
      > mt 081025

      Hm. Here these characters are displayed with the same (narrow) glyph as
      a plain double quote in Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, but with FZFangSong
      U+201C is a 66 quote occupying the right half of its wide glyph while
      U+201D is a 99 quote in the left half of _its_ wide glyph (well, maybe I
      should say right-top and left-top quarters), so that with
      ambiwidth=single U+201C is overprinted on the next character while it's
      only the blank right half of U+201D which is overprinted on _its_ follower.

      Best regards,
      Meader's Law:
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      everyone you know, only more so.

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