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2535Fwd: for gvim-7.2 swallowing space from IM

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  • Huang Peng
    Aug 30, 2008
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      Hi vim hackers,
      I forward this problem from vim mail list to here. Please help to view
      the patch attached with this mail. Thanks.

      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: 余钰炜 <acev...@...>
      Date: Aug 25, 8:14 am
      Subject: for gvim-7.2 swallowing space from IM
      To: vim_dev

      Hi, the gvim-7.2 will swallow the space char which commit to gvim from
      asynchronous Input Method Engine, like IBus (a recent IME still under

      In IBus, The keyval is processed in one loop, but the commit string
      be committed to gvim in the following loop.
      In this case, the if clause on the line 4246 of mbyte.c which do not
      clear the
      "xim_expected_char" before "return imresult" .
      This will cause gvim to ignore the latter commited
      So we need to clear "xim_expected_char"
      before the "return imresult" to avoid the latter commit string ( e.g.
      space ) to be always ignored after that loop.

      the patch I submitted via the attachment, add " xim_expected_char =
      " on line 4271, just before "return imresult" to fix this bug.

      I under Gentoo Linux, vim-core-7.2, vim-7.2, gvim-7.2

      Best wishes!

      Yu Yuwei
      Aug 20, 2008

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