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2529Re: WXP after changing to East Asian languages VIM out of control

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jul 29, 2008
      On 26/07/08 16:32, Hana Hanako wrote:
      > http://6freeclimber.de/docs/vim.png
      > I reviewed the :lan settings
      > KOREAN is displayed correctlly when I type :lan
      > but in the buffers hangeul, nor hanja ist displayed. only?
      > the windows input system works fine, but no display.
      > what am I doing wrong. and how can I use my menu texts again?
      > thanks alot.

      - What exactly is missing: hanja in edit buffers, hanja in menus and
      error messages, or all hanja?

      - When you start Vim as

      gvim -u NONE -N

      what is the (long) reply to


      ? Does it still not display hanja?

      - Are you using Console Vim or gvim? If the former, try the latter. If
      the latter, what are the replies to

      :verbose set enc? gfn?

      ? Maybe a North-Korean 'encoding' has been set, which doesn't use hanja?
      Or maybe you have set a hangeul-only font, with no hanja glyphs?

      - Try the following:
      1. Set a Unicode encoding using the steps in
      2. If your hanja are still not displayed, try a Chinese (Traditional)
      font, for instance (on Windows) MingLiU. Then check whether it still
      displays hangeul.

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