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2502Re: Help with suppressing display of certain characters.

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  • itabtabai
    Jun 13, 2008
      Hi Ken,

      I've uploaded screenshots of the display with different fonts on both
      MacVim and gvim.


      All fonts are displayed at size 20. My comments on the screenshots:
      gvim-bitsreamB.png: Crisp, nice, spread, and easy on the eyes.
      macvim-dejavuB.png: The more diacritics (harakaat) I put the more the
      line number is pushed off screen and the letters start having gaps.
      macvim-dejavuB2.png: Only just starting to type.
      macvim-dejavuB3.png: Only one letter and it's ""haraka" and the line
      number is already pushed.

      The rest for you:
      gvim-courierNR.png: Not bad. But you note the gaps due to "harakaat".
      gvim-courierNB.png: Nice, crisp, but not as easy on the eyes as
      bitstream/dejavu. Bitstream/dejavu spreading/cursivness is very neat.
      gvim-courier10B.png: Gaps are very clear.

      So, my conclusion from all the above is that the defect of display is
      not only MacVim specific. It also relates to the fonts used in a less
      intrusive manner. While some fonts do produce gaps as worst case
      scenario on gvim, almost all fonts don't work properly with diacritics/
      harakaat on MacVim. Also the fact that none monospaced fonts don't
      display properly in MacVim nor gvim.

      On Jun 13, 12:24 am, Kenneth Reid Beesley <krbees...@...> wrote:
      > You might just post a short sequence of Unicode code-point values, e.g.
      > (beginning)
      > 0x0643     (kaaf)
      > 0x064F     (Damma)
      > 0x062A     (taa')
      > 0x0650     (kasra)
      > 0x0628     (baa')
      > 0x064E    (fatHa)
      > 0x062A    (taa')
      > 0x0652    (sukuun)
      > (end)
      > and explain what is not being rendered correctly.  (Here the kaaf-taa'-
      > baa'-taa' should
      > be displayed properly connected, right-to-left; the Damma should  
      > appear above the (initial-form) kaaf, the kasra should appear below  
      > the (medial-form) taa', the fatHa should appear above the (medial-
      > form) baa', and the sukuun should appear above the (final-form) taa'.
      > Please specify which font you are using.
      > Best,
      > Ken
      > On 12 Jun 2008, at 07:09, itabtabai wrote:
      > > Can't upload, e-mail is rejected!
      > > My first time using rapidshare, I hope the link is the right one:
      > >http://rapidshare.com/files/121921145/macvim.gif.html
      > > On Jun 12, 3:38 pm, Nico Weber <nicolaswe...@...> wrote:
      > >> Hi,
      > >>> Sorry guys, but it is my first time here, I've got two comparative
      > >>> screenshots and a sample text file. How do I post them?
      > >> you could use the "upload file" button athttp://groups.google.com/group/vim_mac
      > >>   , post them to rapidshare, or append them to a mail if the files  
      > >> are
      > >> not too big.
      > >> Nico
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