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2500Re: Help with suppressing display of certain characters.

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jun 12, 2008
      On 12/06/08 23:13, itabtabai wrote:
      > Just wanted to thank everyone.
      > I got gvim, using fink, and bitstream sans mono ... the display is so
      > crisp it makes me cry!

      Well, so much the better for you.

      FWIW, in Bitstream Vera Sans Mono I see the harakat (Arabic short vowels
      etc.) one cell left of where they should be, but in Courier New I see
      them just where they belong -- using the same text file and the same
      gvim binary.

      Best regards,
      Philogyny recapitulates erogeny; erogeny recapitulates philogyny.

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