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2496Re: Help with suppressing display of certain characters.

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jun 12, 2008
      On 12/06/08 16:15, itabtabai wrote:
      > It might be a MacVim problem after all since it renders well on your
      > "gvim".
      > I am not sure if there is a "+arabic" literal configuration option. Do
      > you mean "multibyte" "huge" ./configure options? The "set arabic"
      > command works, so I am assuming that I've built with arabic support.

      To see if it is compiled with +arabic enabled, look at the output of
      ":version". On the first line after "Features enabled [+] or not [-]:",
      the first item is usually either "+arabic" (feature enabled) or
      "-arabic" (feature disabled). If it is disabled, your version of Vim
      probably knows nothing about how to shape Arabic letters within words or
      about how to place harakat (i.e., short vowels with or without tanueen,
      as well as shadda and sukuun) on top of consonants (or under them as the
      case may be).

      > Note that the images I've sent are using the most decent fonts that
      > MacVim would display. I've been through more bad fonts at display,
      > e.g. some fonts would eat up the first character on the line. Not to
      > mention that when "arabic" is set and display becomes RTL the line
      > numbering would get messed up.

      If setting 'arabic' makes the display RTL, your version is probably
      compiled with Arabic script support.

      > Should I compile MacVim with gvim support, maybe that would solve the
      > problem?

      Compiling Vim with GUI support (be it the X11 GUI or the native-Mac GUI)
      would at least eliminate any problems due to running Vim inside
      Terminal.app. Or are you already running in GUI mode but with some
      dark-background colorscheme?

      Best regards,
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