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2487Re: Help with suppressing display of certain characters.

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  • itabtabai
    Jun 12, 2008
      Thanks for the prompt reply.

      What do you mean by "sample of problematic code"? A sample of the
      arabic text that is not displaying well? Screenshot?

      On Jun 12, 2:37 pm, "björn" <bjorn.winck...@...> wrote:
      > 2008/6/12 itabtabai <itabta...@...>:
      > > I do edits using regexp on large files. However, I am facing problems
      > > with Arabic diacritics display on MacVim, and I am assuming it is
      > > inherited from vim so there is no work around it. Therefore, I wonder
      > > if I can suppress certain characters from being displayed so the text
      > > would show neatly and editing files would be easy on the eyes.
      > > any help would be appreciated ...
      > I do not know for sure but this is possibly a problem with MacVim.  It
      > is know that MacVim has problems with certain nonspacing marks to
      > which set Arabic diacritics may belong.  If you could post a sample of
      > some problematic text we could confirm whether or not this is a MacVim
      > specific problem.
      > Björn
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