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2446Unicode conversion bug?

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  • msingtse@hkstar.com
    Mar 12, 2008
      I am playing with CSV files with Chinese contents. Windows (Excel)
      outputs a text file in ucs-2le coding. VIM correctly opens this file
      and displays Chinese characters. I then convert the file into utf-8
      coding... but all the Chinese characters were morphed into monsters.
      I did the same conversion using Windows Notepad and it works

      Comparing the two output (utf-8) files:

      VIM converted utf-8:

      00040b0: 7169 3320 796f 6e67 3120 28c3 a5c2 91c2 qi3 yong1 (.....
      00040c0: a8c3 a5c2 95c2 93c3 a5c2 bac2 b829 2c20 .............),

      Notepad converted utf-8:

      0004090: 7169 3320 796f 6e67 3120 28e5 91a8 e595 qi3 yong1 (.....
      00040a0: 93e5 bab8 292c 200d 0a43 6f73 6d6f 7320 ....), ..Cosmos

      As can be seen, English characters are fine, but Chinese characters
      (those "..." inside parantheses) are different. Does it suggest a bug
      in the VIM conversion? Note that I did not set my Windows locale to
      Chinese (because I have non-unicode multibyte files in other

      mt 2008-03-12

      PS, My first post here... my first post in Google in fact.

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