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2388Re: Vim on OS X, (no)macatsui problem

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  • Kenneth Beesley
    Oct 15, 2007
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      Hi Bjôrn,

      Many thanks for the message.

      Yeah, the term Character is a technical term in Unicode, and each
      Unicode character has a code point value that ranges from 0x0 to

      In the original vision of Unicode, code point values ranged from 0x0
      to 0xFFFF, allowing just 64k distinct characters. This old limited
      is now known as the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP). The current
      vision of Unicode, now 10 years old, allows about a million characters,
      and the characters with code point values beyond 0xFFFF are known
      as supplementary characters.

      Many software applications still haven't caught up with supplementary
      characters. They're still stuck in the BMP.

      In Java, there is a type called "char" that has 16 bits and so can
      represent any code point value in the BMP, 0x0 to 0xFFFF. It is
      not to confuse "char" with the Unicode notion of Character. In Java,
      to store a supplementary Unicode character, two "chars" are used, in a
      coding system known as UTF-16. It sounds like MacVim has a similar
      storage system, and that the length-in-chars is being confused with
      the length-in-Unicode-characters.

      Best wishes,


      On 13 Oct 2007, at 12:45, björn wrote:

      >>> He also reports that mapping numbers `:map 3 ...` doesn't work. I
      >>> can't reproduce this.
      >> I got this one wrong. See the other thread for Kenneth's
      >> clarification. Sorry.
      > Hi Ken,
      > I have looked into why MacVim fails to render the deseret glyphs and I
      > now have an answer, but unfortunately no solution.
      > The problem is that one deseret character for some reason takes up
      > _two_ characters when put in the text storage (I guess this have
      > something to do with Unicode?). Specifically, calling "length" on an
      > NSString containing one deseret character returns 2 instead of 1, as I
      > would expect.
      > Now, I do know how to fix this problem, but since Jiang is working on
      > moving his drawing code to MacVim I don't really want to spend any
      > time doing this, since the problem will disappear as soon as he is
      > finished. I'm sorry about that.
      > /Björn
      > >

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