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2382Re: Vim on OS X, (no)macatsui problem

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  • björn
    Oct 13, 2007
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      > > He also reports that mapping numbers `:map 3 ...` doesn't work. I
      > > can't reproduce this.
      > I got this one wrong. See the other thread for Kenneth's
      > clarification. Sorry.

      Hi Ken,

      I have looked into why MacVim fails to render the deseret glyphs and I
      now have an answer, but unfortunately no solution.

      The problem is that one deseret character for some reason takes up
      _two_ characters when put in the text storage (I guess this have
      something to do with Unicode?). Specifically, calling "length" on an
      NSString containing one deseret character returns 2 instead of 1, as I
      would expect.

      Now, I do know how to fix this problem, but since Jiang is working on
      moving his drawing code to MacVim I don't really want to spend any
      time doing this, since the problem will disappear as soon as he is
      finished. I'm sorry about that.


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