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2367Re: keymap problem, mapping '2' and '6' to Char

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  • Kenneth Beesley
    Oct 5, 2007

      Background: I'm running OS X version 10.4.10

      I just installed the latest MacVim and tried it with a version of
      DejaVuSansMono.ttf, augmented
      with (monowidth) glyphs, the same width as the original
      DejaVuSansMono.ttf glyphs,
      for the Deseret Alphabet block (U+10400). It doesn't seem to work
      for me. When I select my
      Deseret Alphabet keymap and try to type Deseret Alphabet, I see
      pseudo glyphs in boxes
      rendered on the screen.

      Yesterday I downloaded, via svn, 7.1.135 and got it compiled and
      running on OS X.
      I also got 7.1.135 running on Red Hat Linux. These seem to work
      better, for my Deseret
      Alphabet editing, than MacVim, using the augmented version of
      Not perfect yet, but better.

      I see the keymap problem (involving digits on the left-hand-side of
      mappings) on both
      platforms with 7.1.135, and with MacVim. I'm confused to see your
      report that it works
      for you in the latest version of MacVim.

      When using MacVim, it complained about setting 'macatsui' in
      my .gvimrc file. It also complained
      about setting 'nomacatsui'. So I took out both for the tests.
      Would you consider sharing your
      .gvimrc file--perhaps there's something in there that makes it work
      better with MacVim.


      On 5 Oct 2007, at 04:01, Nico Weber wrote:

      >> I've got a vim keymap problem when trying to map digits to Char
      >> But if I have, in the same keymap, a digit on the left-hand-side,
      >> e.g.
      >> 6 <Char-0x10431>
      >> 2 <Char-0x10432>
      >> then it does NOT work. Rather the 2 or 6 is rendered on the screen
      >> literally,
      >> without mapping to the Unicode (Deseret Alphabet) code point.
      >> Bug? or am I doing something wrong?
      > Probably a bug. Which version are you using? It works ok with the
      > latest version of MacVim and the terminal version that's preinstalled
      > (both OS X).
      > Nico
      > >

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