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2360Vim on OS X, (no)macatsui problem

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  • Kenneth Beesley
    Oct 4, 2007
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      Vim on OS X, (no)macatsui problem

      Background: running gvum 7.1.135 on OS X version 10.4.10

      Using font DejaVuAgainSansMono.jjt, which is DejaVuSansMono.jjt
      expanded with Deseret Alphabet (supplementary area) glyphs.

      In .gvimrc, if I specify

      set nomacatsui anti guifont=DejaVuAgain\ Sans\ Mono:h14

      then gvim renders Roman glyphs, from the Basic Multilingual Plane, well,
      but the Deseret glyphs (from the supplementary area) are rendered as
      sequences of Roman glyphs and spaces. Completely garbled

      If I change .gvimrc to

      set macatsui anti guifont=DejaVuAgain\ Sans\ Mono:h14

      (i.e. if I specify macatsui rather than nomacatsui, and this is the
      only change)
      then I see Roman and Deseret glyphs rendered as expected, but all the
      look scraggly on the screen.

      Can anyone explain to me what is happening here and how I might get
      sharp renderings of both BMP and supplementary glyphs?



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