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2358keymap problem, mapping '2' and '6' to Char

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  • Kenneth Beesley
    Oct 4, 2007
      I've got a vim keymap problem when trying to map digits to Char

      I've got a keymap with mappings like the following, and they work

      u <Char-0x1042D>
      I <Char-0x1042E>
      E <Char-0x1042F>
      U <Char-0x10433>
      aJ <Char-0x10434>
      aY <Char-0x10434>
      a <Char-0x10430>
      ae <Char-0x10430>

      But if I have, in the same keymap, a digit on the left-hand-side, e.g.

      6 <Char-0x10431>
      2 <Char-0x10432>

      then it does NOT work. Rather the 2 or 6 is rendered on the screen
      without mapping to the Unicode (Deseret Alphabet) code point.

      And the following doesn't work any better. There's still no mapping.
      <Char-0x36> <Char-0x10432>

      Bug? or am I doing something wrong?



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