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2353Re: Inputting the newer unicode characters

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  • Kenneth Beesley
    Sep 23, 2007

      This is great news. Many thanks for the message.


      On 23 Sep 2007, at 09:46, Nico Weber wrote:

      > Hi,
      >> I'd like to switch over to vim, but I work a lot with exotic Unicode
      >> characters
      >> in the supplementary area. When I last looked into vim, and
      >> experimented
      >> with keymaps, I found that I could easily enter any Unicode char, and
      >> save
      >> the results to file---and the Unicode chars in the file were
      >> correct. But as
      >> long as I couldn't _see_ my character glyphs rendered on the screen,
      >> vim wasn't
      >> acceptable as an editor. All I could see were boxes (or question
      >> marks--I can't
      >> remember which).
      > This should be fixed with the current svn version, at least for gvim
      > (if you have the necessary fonts).
      > Nico
      > >

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